Convenience at Your Doorstep: The Closest Hotel to Mongolia’s International Airport!

Convenience at Your Doorstep: The Closest Hotel to Mongolia’s International Airport!

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Nestled just 35 kilometers away from the bustling terminals of Mongolia’s International Airport, Eagle Town Serviced Apartment stands as a haven of comfort and convenience for discerning travelers. With a mere 20 to 25 minutes drive separating you from the airport’s arrival gates, this accommodation offers a seamless transition for both transit guests heading towards Europe and long-term travelers eager to explore Mongolia.

Affordable Comfort: A Budget-Friendly Choice

What sets Eagle Town Serviced Apartment apart is its strategic location, strategically positioned to strike the perfect balance between accessibility and escape. Situated just outside the frenetic energy of Ulaanbataar city, guests can relish in the serenity that surrounds this retreat while remaining well-connected to the urban pulse.

Cheap hotel near mongolia international Airport

Eagle Town Serviced Apartment offers a range of room rates designed to accommodate a diverse array of guests. With prices starting at a budget-friendly $60 USD and reaching a comfortable $100 USD, travelers can find a space that aligns perfectly with their preferences and financial considerations. When making a direct reservation, guests also have the opportunity to inquire about special discounts, ensuring an even greater value for their stay. This pricing flexibility reflects the establishment’s commitment to providing premium accommodation that is accessible to all. Whether one is a budget-conscious traveler or seeking a touch of indulgence during their Mongolian adventure, Eagle Town Serviced Apartment aims to meet and exceed their expectations.

Hotel near mongolia airport

Affordability meets quality at Eagle Town, making it a top choice for savvy travelers seeking a wallet-friendly option without compromising on comfort. Ranked an impressive 8.5 on, this testament to its value is echoed by the many satisfied guests who have graced its doors.

Welcome to Eagle Town!

Whether you’re a jetsetter in need of a comfortable layover, or an intrepid adventurer setting out to explore Mongolia’s breathtaking landscapes, Eagle Town Serviced Apartment beckons with open arms. Experience the charm of a cheap priced hotel in Ulaanbataar that doesn’t skimp on quality – your gateway to a tranquil stay awaits.


Email: or call: +976 99095941 or +976 95494634 (whatsapp) for booking.


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